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Huevos Rancheros

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Nothing Left

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Lil’ Skittle

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Get Rad 2 Skit

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The Get Rad Crew

I just came across this video that we made a couple years ago for an online video contest about representing your “Crew.” Our crew consisted of Kyle Buthman, Matt Myers, […]

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Passed Out Paity

While passed out Paiton likes to eat her own boogers, and stare creepily at you… SKETCH!

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Mud Slide City

Santa Cruz received its biggest storm in over a year this past week, with nonstop rain for 6 days straight. So what is there to do when the ocean is […]

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Action Sports Reel

I recently met Perry Gershkow and did some filming with him for his movie “Little Victories” which premiered this month. This is an action sports reel of his favorite clips […]

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Here’s a vibey little Black and white edit of a fun day at one of my favorite waves, on one of my favorite boards!

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Huevos Rancheros

I took a fun trip down to Mainland Mexico in early August and scored a few tubes. The crew consisted of Myself, Kyle Buthman, Kyle Thiermann and Chris Clemente behind […]

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Horny Shower String

While enjoying a peaceful shower, Kyle Buthman gets a startling surprise in the form of an air horn and silly string. He was NOT stoked!